In 2014, I produced a photographic investigation about the resurgence of slums around Paris area, sixty years after the first immigrants from Algeria settled in those unhealthy “housing”, where Roma people took their place today. This work marks the beginning of a growing interest about the importance of images in the collective memory.


While working on assignments for several newspapers and companies, particularly during the French presidential elections (Mediapart or Le Parisien for instance), I started to work on my own documentary projects, regarding the impact of severe weather and specific geography on people, especially on their faith and spirituality. Those works take place in the United States, more specifically in the Tornado Alley, and Corsica, which is an island where very old traditions have been preserved. All of those works are enriched with video, sound recording and text because I believe in a plural, immersive and open minded photography. 

As my photographic practicing develops, I lean towards an aesthetics where fiction and documentary mix-up in order to create a kind of story-telling where viewers are not just spectators, but involved in the process of storytelling on a more intimate level. 


At a time where anyone can record an event with professional devices before any actual journalist is on the field, I deeply believe that photography and photographers have to think over the practice of the profession into something more intimate, where we do not exclusively call each other photographer, but also author. 




Mediapart, Le Parisien, L’Obs, Libération, La Provence, Vanity Fair, Twitter, Huawei, Mac Donald.



William Daniels, documentary photographer

Olivier Monge, plastic artist 

Iconographer assistant at Libération and Les Inrocks

Photo editor assistant at Myop Agency



2014 - La Rue de l’Aumône Vieille s’éveille, street festival

2014 - Theater Festival in Avignon, OFF



2011 - Degree in philosophy and literature, La Sorbonne University, with honors

2012 - Master degree in literature and journalism, La Sorbonne University, with honors

2016 - Master degree in journalism, specialized in multimedia and written press, at the CUEJ (University of Journalism Education)  in Strasbourg, with honors



2012 - School monitor

2011 - Warehouse worker

2006 /  2008 - Mechanic

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